How does it work?

If you choose DiCiccio Orthodontics to do your braces we guarantee that if you are ever unhappy with the alignment of your teeth we will put braces back on for free and charge only a reasonable monthly fee for your office visits until you are again happy with your smile*.

Why wouldn’t you choose Guarantee My Smile?

Honestly, we don’t know! Only Dr. DiCiccio offers this option in the Fresno area and that means going anywhere else will mean that you will be charged all over again by that doctor should your teeth move. But we’ll take care of you 5, 10, or even 20 years down the road!

Does Guarantee My Smile cost more?

No! We offer this program as part of a comprehensive plan to insure that all our patients get – and keep – that great smile they’ve always dreamed of!

The guarantee is not that your teeth will stay straight or guaranteeing a specific result as this kind of promise is illegal. However, as long as Dr. DiCiccio is in practice, we will put braces back on your teeth at no charge and you will be billed monthly for treatment until you are sastisfied with the result. DiCiccio Orthodontics does not include any dental work, crowns, fillings, veneers, cleanings, oral surgery or any other type of work outside the scope of orthodontic movement of teeth with braces. If you want new retainers at the end of treatment (highly recommended) there will be a reasonable fee since new ones will have to be fabricated to fit the new position of your teeth and there is lab cost involved in the fabrication.